ERRATUM : F de C Reader 2 page 372. The entire page has accidentally been omitted from the publication.
There is nothing to do and nowhere to go. The cloud separates us from the world. ▒▒ Our lives are rarefied. ▒ We only mix with our own capacity for performative realism. ▒▒ Our exclusionary tactics have allowed us to breathe, but at what cost ? ▒▒
We make camp by the river. ⛺ 🚣 Fish for trout. ▒▒ And when it is sleeping time we lay down with Ray. ▒ She nestles into us, her warmth ▒ thin, violent on its own. 🌅


reader comments on the F de C Reader:

Amazing thing. X This is what I thought a magazine should look like ; )

… the most perfect of magazines …

oh what a wonderful thing the postman delivered to us!
so modern, it is pointless

It’s nice to see something understated … cool but isn’t trying too hard …

… the low key-ness, i like it a lot better that way actually. and somehow its more precious because of it and I leave it at home cause I don’t want it to get crushed in my bag. The content is really nicely curated; its refreshing (and relieving) cause I’ve just been reading super dense dry theoretical stuff or nothing at all lately and my brain feels like its going mushy. … congratulations on the first issue! I talk about it all the time to people because it’s seriously so interesting.

i just finished reading f de c reader . すごく勉強になった。

… perfect the way it turns a fashion magazine on its head, how it becomes personal as you read it, how you can easily take it anywhere and actually read it on the subway(nobody reads magazine on the subway anymore, only read iphones or w/e)

Tiny and dense like a neutron star my fave magazine ever ever

… I’d read it over and over again, sometimes just one page, sometimes a whole interview, because i’d find something new in it. I was so tired of fiction, i was so tired of non fiction, fashion magazines, tumblr, everything was super boring except this little reader which lightened up new connections in my brain. … It was real shit, no bullshit, i guess i just really liked how unflashy and meta it was. Then I went … for vacation and i took it with me. I was there for 2 months. First, the back cover broke. I kept on keeping it in my bag, it was covered in sand and tobacco and lipstick. Then pages started disappearing. By the time I came back … I only had the cover left. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they reach their limit. …

I can feel the intensity of this magazine. I can’t explain but it must be something like “love”. … I know how hard you worked on it, but I think objectively still, there is much love in this “magazine” that most magazines don’t have. … this is good. the randomness, the balance, makes sense.

You are ahead of everyone. I really believe that.

… the page editing of this magazine. i’m totally so shocked , the aesthetic is so so adorable for me. I tell you, i actually never buy any magazines, cuz sth about them just makes me quiet sick but this is totally amazing. (i keep saying how surprised i am ;D) and i have to say more, that the photography is amazing!!! first i thought it was old time photography, but then realized that you did the photos so it’s really amazing amazing to me. I was discussing with my friend shortly before that these days’ aesthetic has became really weird and trashy, the people from old time and the aesthetic is so good, purely. and actually when i saw the models on your magazine, i really enjoyed how their face and everythig looks, … . soo beautiful. really amazing choice of everything in this magazine, i was totally poor at the time, have only been eating toast, but when i saw this i immediately wanted to buy it.

I’ve come to believe that the expression “words could not express,” does not apply when discussing F de C Reader. … Thanks for being better than Vice.

The reader is really well done, carry-reading it all over the place in fact.

… I like the book. Its design is really fun and playful, and I like the contents’ range. … Nice one .

just received the f de c readers and am in love. It’s incredibly inspiring to see an intelligent, innovative perspective on making, fashion, art, creativity and life.

It's mysterious. Reads less like the others which is nice to change the pace.

F de C reader #1 was one of the few magazines I actually "read" – from the first page to the last

It's super unique, beautiful, interesting. Great thing to have close and spend time with

you have changed my life

I got lost in it for like 20 minutes and didn’t know where I was, or what I had been doing before. I can’t even tell you how hype and rare a publication this is.

The FdC reader is a fiercely great publication, with an aura of compelling mythology around … , … It’s one of the more exciting publications I’ve recently read, and I look forward to the next …

I was really excited when we got the new issue, there’s so much content in there that was new, in a great, straightforward context. I especially think it’s interesting that these brands that have historically been considered conceptual, are shown in a light that exemplifies how easily they can be translated into everyday wearing … they actually make a lot more sense when considered this way … special things ought to be shared, but not necessarily democratized.

… at first glance it is great! really like the quasi revolutionary artefact zeal to it. kind of like a remembered dream of transformation without nostalgia.the flattness is cool in this regard, as it kinda locates it between histories as i am sure was the intention. and you can’t look at it without being super aware of the hand as a tool for carrying and fanning and flagging things down. anyway, that was one take on the doc as an object, then i started reading it took off further. this thing has content! nothing has content anymore. except jacket magazine of course. … you have the right blend of the personal and the public and this allows you to start deconstructing cultures from the human first rather than the semiotic or the bracketed “”“”“cultural”“”“ (if that makes sense).

… finding moments of exchange where older practices literally appear in the now and vice versa. … a non-linear take on what happens when humans make art. and what remains when it has been made and what came before it was even thought of …

i have been gradually making my way through the reader, i am not kidding i just keep it in my bag and keep reading bits and pieces, which i think is what was intended. … seriously so excited when it arrived, i have even saved the package it was posted in with its ‘books only!’ handwritten warning on the front and the paper the reader was wrapped in, so great / i absolutely love the low fi quality of the printing, thin page texture because as its life evolves, it seems to develop this nice book in hand crushed and creased feel. i think it’s uncompromising in it’s pure content / the writing has an honesty, raw purity to it, (that to me, anyway) really speaks to me. there is a nice tongue-in-cheek / brian eno reference to russian strippers a backing band / chim-pom talking about ‘super rat’ etc and i am increasingly obsessed with the photography …

I read the Reader - great great great! haven’t read such interesting/intelligent things about fashion and photography for a long time!!!

I love the book. i’m japanese and this book totally connects with me. So good.

The Reader arrived.. looks great..perfect analogue moment !

… one of the most interestingly designed publications I have ever seen.

… a wonderful blend of the conversational and interrogative. And so communication is a strategy for exploration. By which I mean it is not a final document, but part of a flow… …and so the pics, … seem not like images as much as notes or elements of grammar. And oddly this is held together by the effort of appearance in general, signalled by the cover, the shoulder pads, the wig, the look…all of it in the shape and space of making…not reflecting….is this why I feel the idea of the textile is so significant in this issue? Maybe that is a long widened way of saying you have made a thing that is like an early John Ashbery prose poem… You are so in another zone to anyone else! I hope the dedicatees … see that … it is a new genre … Oh, just read in one sitting wake in fright … Jesus…you have to read it…

I keep reading the FdeC book. it is the best printed material I touched in the last few years. but I have to tell u something. I perfectly understand the devotion to low tech, but this print quality is just way out of my comprehension in the 21st century. I do understand the magic of low end newspaper press machines and paper, but come on, we are in 2012. a cheap home press machine produces something light-years more advanced than the FdeC reader.